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FrightFest 2013


The 14th annual Film4 FrightFest rears its ugly head this Thursday, with 51 films on three screen at Leicester Square's Empire Cinema.

The new biopic of 'pioneering' porn star Linda Lovelace wants it both ways

ICA Cinema

There's plenty to admire about Lovelace, the second feature from documentarians Robert Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (their first was Howl), including a surprisingly nuanced performance from Amanda Seyfried as the tragic frontierswoman of 70s hardcore porn, and sterling work from Peter Sarsgaard as Lovelace's husband/manager/pimp/owner/dungeonkeeper Chuck Traynor, and from Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone as her emotionally repressed working-class parents.

Planes [REVIEW]

Dusty Crophopper In Planes

Dusty Crophopper has dreams of becoming a race plane; however, being a tiny crop duster does not exactly guarantee speed. Dusty does not let his dreams fade, and he does everything he can to become a racer plane in the new Disney animated film Planes.