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Lovelace [REVIEW]

Lovelace With Hugh Hefner (James Franco)

Lovelace tells the story of Linda Boreman, a woman who wanted a normal life, and her alter-ego, Linda Lovelace, star of the highest grossing porn film of all time: Deep Throat.

Pain & Gain [REVIEW]

Pain & Gain

In the 1980's, three men, two who were personal trainers affiliated with the Sun Gym in Miami, kidnapped, tortured and murdered several people. One of those kidnapped was the client of one of the two men. Pain & Gain tells this story.

Sir David Frost obituary


For half a century, Sir David Frost, who has died aged 74 of a heart attack, was hardly ever off our television screens, from 1960s satire on the BBC to encounters with the great and good on al-Jazeera. In the process, he became the world's most celebrated television interviewer.



Sean Connery

Why James Bond is a religion

I was sitting at my desk, immersed in the role of the Calvinist church in Dutch history, the steady single flame of my concentration holding impressively steady, when it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t seen From Russia With Love for a few months.