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Natalie Portman: from Star Wars to star of the show

Natalie Portman

The Israeli writer Amos Oz, in his prize-winning memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness, tells how a young girl, Fania, burns with such moral fervour that she cries out against the allure of a pretty painting of a shepherdess that hangs in her home.

Phoenix (Review)


A haunting, dramatic film about a young Jewish woman who survived the horrors of Auschwitz.

Rosewater (Review)


Television funny man John Stewart makes an impressive directorial debut in a film based on real life events.



Bruce Springsteen At Barack Obama Rally In Cleveland

A Bruce Springsteen show makes you feel like the best version of yourself

A man I know, a friend of a friend, has fallen in love with ayahuasca, the hallucinogen used in tribal ceremonies in South America. Every so often he heads off to the rainforest, where he joins a retreat and purges his soul. He returns to London, and explains that he feels as though his self, his emotions, have been taken apart and reconfigured – as if he has become someone new.