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Social Networking, D.ggy Style

Santa's Helpers - John De Boer

Everyone knows at least one person who has a "special" relationship with their pet. And maybe you are one who does. If so, you'll want to get your pet online - although we're not sure how to overcome the navigation/typing obstacle...

Fighting the Holiday Blues

Snowflake - Oana Mihaela Trif

The holidays, not unlike New Year's Eve, require fun. Fun, fun, fun, all the time. But what if you have an adverse reaction to all of this forced cheer? The Soul Sister helps.

This Job Terminates Here

Way Out - Christa Richert

The news that The Voice of the London Underground was fired is old. But did you hear the messages she recorded (the ones that "weren't the reason she was let go")? They're pretty funny. The ultimate 'Sound Off', if you will.

Holiday Dating Tips For Gents

Christmas Love - Hilde Vanstraelen

Christmas is fast approaching, and even the bright lights, the hustle bustle and the sparkly decorations can't disguise the fact that Christmas and romance go together, painfully emphasising the need for dates. And I don't mean the sticky fruity type.