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All You Need is Love, Monk

Stone Heart - Adrian Yee

A friend recently came to me in a state of confusion about a relationship she was having. It reminded me of a Zen 'slap round the face' I got 10 or so years ago. One I still use now, not just for myself and not just in relationships.

Have a Ball, Adonis!

Champagne - Steve Woods

Ladies, this by no means excludes you. The Adonis Society's Gentlemen's Ball will be taking place on the 31st May 2008 at Porchester Hall. Get glamorous for a good cause.

Up the Corporate Threesome Ladder

Holiday Inn

Ms Robinson makes her debut with a very valid question. Is it worth sleeping with a member of the board and his wife to get ahead? And perhaps more importantly, is it acceptable if this happens at a Holiday Inn?

They You Up, Your Mum and Dad

On the Beach - Pidsmannen

Dear Soul Sister: I'm going to have a baby soon, and my husband and I want to screw him up as little as possible - although we both realise that doing a perfect job is impossible. Got any advice? Thanks, Sarah

The Jobs of Others

Employees Only - Rob Gonyea

In the life on an investment banker, decisions occasionally arise about the direction of your career. Why does it feel like everybody else seems to take the right decisions in these circumstances?

Massages at The Klinik

Foot Rub - Nexus Jay

Massages come in two forms: pampering and theraputic.  In a perfect world, every place would perfectly combine both elements, delivering you to a transcendental place of mental and physical bliss. But let's face it, they almost never do.

Why We Kiss

Kiss - Marco Tornese

Every other month, Scientific American comes out with a magazine dedicated to the mind. In the Feb/March issue (took a while to make its way across the ocean), we found the article "Affairs of the Lips: Why We Kiss" to be particularly interesting.

Markets Down, Dress Up

Dressed Up - Ali Farid

When the dot-com bubble burst, many investment bankers were forced to retire their khakis and open-collar shirts. With the next crisis being in full swing, will we soon have to look for our suits and ties again?