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Combat the Crunch by Networking

Shaking Hands - Aleš Čerin

HITC Life's career expert, Steven D'Souza, teams up with a top recruiter, Nathan John, to share practical tips on effective networking. As they remind us: 'we frighten what we chase'.

Date Mistake #1

First Aid

Look out, guys. HITCitizen Jamie Morgan is here to set you straight on dating. Ladies, breathe a sigh of relief. Got something to say about it? Your comments below, please.

Shopping For Boys

Window Shopping - Roberto Tostes

Thirty-years old, newly single and living in the Big Smoke. The dating world was my oyster, and for me, it’s online dating all the way. It has pros and cons, but it’s just like my hobby - shopping - but instead of for clothes and shoes, I’m shopping for boys.

Confidence & Arrogance - A Fine Line

Standing Tall - Troy Stoi

Working in a corporate society often encourages shrewd business deals and below the belt punches. Despite modest values and heart-fuelled desires, it can be easy to be lured by pompous acts and arrogance, especially in the competitive workplace.

Happy Unemployment!

Man With Portfolio - Asif Akbar

It has been almost 18 months since the markets first turned on credit professionals and then turned on everyone. But friends who are casualties of the market do not seem very depressed about their lack of employment. What's wrong with this picture?

Your Date...And Their Friends

Couples - Darinkita

Just because you like someone and go out with them doesn't mean you have to go out with their friends. Or does it? This week Ms R looks at what happens when all you want is the company of a particular person, but end up having to adopt their entire circle of friends.

From Lawyer to Travel Goddess

Rena Guseynova

After spending five years in the City as a solicitor and travelling extensively for work, the next step was easy for Rena Guseynova - a travel business for what she had been: a time-poor professional.