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Type A Goes Down

Falling Up - Charlie Balch

Dear Soul Sister: I'm driven, I thrive on being busy, I'm achievement orientated, and I have fun being on the go. But I found myself crumbling and getting low-grade panic attacks over Christmas, and in the end, didn't get everything done or enjoy myself. What's going on?

Zen and the Art of Sport

Woman and Duck - Kuvapankki

If there's one thing we all need more of in 2009, it's Zen in our lives. Let reader-writer MonkInTheCity help. And Peter Haines? He'll remind you of what's good in the world. Sport.

Sick City

One Pill a Day - Ali Farid

It appears that in the past 12 weeks, there has been as much as a 20% increase in the number of patients suffering from STDs at The Freedom Health Clinic. In an article in the Times, the clinic attributes this to an increase in reckless behaviour in the City.

Regression Without Regrets

Room 2 at Fabric - Martin Lucas

He broke my heart when I was 17. Thirteen years later, I bumped into him again on Back in the teenage days there was mischief galore: excess of everything, trouble with the police, clubbing missions, going awol for days, giving our parents the run around. Extreme naughtiness.

Dignity in Dismissal

Network - Rodolfo Clix

The City of London has a certain mystique about it at first. The shine doesn't last long, but when you first start working there, a whole new world becomes apparent. There is a set of rules, most of them unspoken and unwritten, that are a mystery to the newcomer, and remain so for most of us.