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28 Gazillions Later

28 Days Later - Fox Searchlight

Since a career in banking is no longer guaranteed to make for glamourous living, it is time to branch out into entertainment. Here is my pitch for a movie project...

Booty Call From Batman

Batman Close-Up - Richard Harvey

I’d been on a great first date with a guy I met on and I was eagerly awaiting a call from him to arrange round two.  My mobile started ringing as I arrived home at 1am after a Saturday night out...

Paul McKenna and the Zen Master

Paul McKenna

Zen masters throughout history are known for breaking with convention, and Zen Master DenisGenpo Roshi, a practitioner for almost 40 years, is no exception. He'll be coming to London this weekend as part of the Big Mind, Big Heart Weekend Workshop with guest Paul McKenna.

A Not-So-Novel Idea

Books - Manu M

Ms R is back. And this time she's advising on something very close to her heart. No, not sex - writing! And it feels almost like she was never gone.

Type A Goes Down

Falling Up - Charlie Balch

Dear Soul Sister: I'm driven, I thrive on being busy, I'm achievement orientated, and I have fun being on the go. But I found myself crumbling and getting low-grade panic attacks over Christmas, and in the end, didn't get everything done or enjoy myself. What's going on?