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Should I learn how to do CPR?


Performing resuscitation on the spot on someone who has had a cardiac arrest can be crucial for life or death. And, with many bystanders feeling unable to respond, knowing how to use the simple skills may make all the difference


The Only Banker's Diet That Works

So it’s a new year. We gained the usual seven pounds over Christmas, we indulged in one too many mince pies, three too many roast potatoes, not to mention I don’t how many gallons of red wine, cheese board selections, and that final box of Quality Streets that we just didn’t need. 

The Blue Monday Formula

Blue Monday - Falsified

Guess what? Today is Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year. But don't worry, it's false, according to HITC Life's resident Maths PhD. (Bet you didn't think we had one of those, did you.)

City Boys with City Girls

Dating in the City is no task for the faint of heart.  It takes a City Girl of steel to navigate the curve balls of City players. Indeed, decades after the feminist movement promised an idyllic world of fairness, it’s become increasingly apparent that when it comes to City romance, old habits die hard.