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The Other 'R' Word

No Thanks...

First 'redundancy' and now 'rejection', numbering in excess of the fingers I can count. On both bl.ody hands.

How to Make Money (On Paper, Anyway)

Hummer - Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

With banks almost across the board reporting returns to profit, one could be stunned by the apparent speed of the turnaround. Not, however, if one examines the power of modern accounting.

50% Tax - For What?

Big Sale - Vladimir Titarenko

In yesterday's budget, the Chancellor had a special little surprise for everyone earning 150k+ - a new tax rate of 50%.

Trading Up My D.ting Skills

Sex? - Marcel Hol

Obama came to "listen and provide American leadership". Well baby, I've been listening and I will follow your lead. You say regulation of hedge funds? I say regulation of hedge funds managers. Po-tay-to, pot-ah-to, as they say.

Discovering Your G(20)-Spot

Stand United - B Boy

As this week’s G20 summit triggers demonstrations all over the City and Canary Wharf, I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of being speared and set on fire by the raging masses.

How to Dress Like a Protester

Hooligans - Chris Chidsey

As the prospect of 'public disorder' looms over the City and Canary Wharf, the question is: how exactly does one dress down to blend in with those who are being publicly disorderly?