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Why Ugly Men Come Out on Top

Toys - Gözde Otman

Forget all those rom-coms flogging the likes of Mr Big, or the impossibly up-himself Matthew McConaughey, not to mention the Dolce & Gabbana models bulging out of their boxers. Smart girls know that if you want solid gold, you need a man who’s less than perfect. And there is nothing that holds quite as much promise as an ugly man.

White Lies in the City

No Way Out? - H Assaf

Right now unemployment’s rising, the markets are slumping, and naturally we all want to be better than the next candidate interviewed. So who isn’t prone to a little exaggeration on their CV from time to time?

Bankside vs Homeside

A Family - Joseph Hoban

With the desks around me clearing out more quickly than an MP can get his moat cleaned, it is time to wonder if those being let go are the lucky ones.

City Uniform

Business Woman - connor212

The days of school are long gone, but uniforms are still very much the standard in the City. I ran out of the Tube and stopped around the corner. I pulled out my compact for a final inspection: grey pinstripe suit, white blouse, silver studs and as minimal make-up as I could bear to wear in public.

The Extended Notice Period

Calendar - Pawel Kryj

I am finally counting down my last two weeks of the last 12 years of my life in the financial services. Being on an extended six-month notice period has its pros and cons.

Styling a Post-City Life

Emyr Thomas

Is it possible to maintain a fabulous lifestyle while working in the City? Emyr Thomas didn't think so, and left the Square Mile to start Bon Vivant, a lifestyle management and concierge service. He tells us how his new life came about - and where we should really be going for after-work drinks.

NY Posts: Alternative Medicine

123 - Blazej Pachut

Another long week at work and I was pretty fed up with formulating net capital ratios, analyzing P&L statements and calculating haircuts. It would be a joy to work with hair at this point.

This is Your Life


It must have been an age ago that I last updated my CV- even my name retains its maiden form. So much information from its most recent incarnation is now either redundant (how apt) or is really just useless padding in the form of trivial university achievements.

City Boys with City Girls

Silhouette - Michal Zacharzewski

Dating in the City is no task for the faint of heart.  It takes a City Girl of steel to navigate the curve balls of City players. Indeed, decades after the feminist movement promised an idyllic world of fairness, it’s become increasingly apparent that when it comes to City romance, old habits die hard.




Asian donors: This two-year-old needs you

Gaurav Bains is 2 years old, and in June this year, was diagnosed with a rare blood condition that, without an urgent bone marrow transplant, will develop into an aggressive form of Leukaemia.