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Why Thirtysomething Men Have it All

BBQ Letting Off Steam - Christopher Bruno

Life’s not fair, and sometimes its little quirks really rub our faces in it. I’m sitting in the garden, inhaling the scent of neighbouring barbecues, and listening to a male friend rage against the system.

The Recession Diet

Cakes and Pies - Samuel Rosa

Three weeks of feasting on delicious (read: fattening, carb-laden, coconut milk-based) food in Singapore and Penang contributed two kilos of excess body baggage upon my return. This is not a surprise, nor is it unexpected.

Separate Bedrooms: Ruin? Or Just Rest?

Bedroom Bliss - Lotus Head

It’s one of the last secrets to be confessed. Usually only when someone is staring relationship failure in the face will they whisper: "We’re in separate bedrooms". And the response tends to be shocked silence, and acknowledgement that the end really is nigh.

Recession Living: Dumped or Loved Up?

London Evening - Constantin Jurcut

Whilst admittedly some bankers' wives are filing for divorce quicker than Lewis Hamilton can drive, others have adapted to the circumstances. Never before have I seen some of my male counterparts look suicidal, while others have never looked so happy.

Where Are All the City Girls?

Numbers Business - Hilde Vanstraelen

A quick look around any trading floor will confirm there is a serious shortage of females working in the City’s investment banks - save the sexed-up secretaries, of course.



The Thinking Man

The Pragmatic Man’s Bucket List

Start 2014 with these 15 ideas, which aren't about traveling, buying, or partying. They're about enjoying life, but in a pragmatic way, which has more to do with learning than anything else.