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The Truth About Trophy Wives

Trophy - Roy Mattappallil

Of course I can appreciate natural beauty, and yes, I applaud immaculate personal grooming, but I always wondered why some women were referred to as 'trophy wives'. But now it’s oh so clear, because they do actually deserve a medal.

Countdown to a Hot Date

Shopping - Allie Hylton

When a man meets a woman who ignites his interest, he gets her number, fixes a plan to have a drink, and then pretty much forgets about it. Ten minutes beforehand, he may check his shirt isn’t too creased, that his hair looks OK, and that he’s had a shower in the past 24 hours.

The Market is in Your Hands

The Earth 2 - Flavio Takemoto

In times like these (the job market can't decide whether it's up or down, the FTSE and Dow make huge gains one day and then fall back the next, your boss's mood swings bounce like a teeter totter, and even your morning commute is getting worse and worse), it's best to maintain a positive attitude.

Fashion From the Dark Side

Ms Porter's Hats - Earl Piggot Smith

You wouldn’t think that fashion designing and banking would mix. The two worlds only seem to meet on on a place like Bond Street, where glistening Louis Vuitton and Prada bags try to lure you in as you walk past shop windows.

Retrenched? Save Money, Save Yourself

Drinking Water 2 - Sanja Gjenero

When my last day of gainful employment was looming large, the Boy pronounced that people who are not working tend to spend more money than people who are employed. They have more free time on their hands and have to occupy themselves, and in turn, spend more money doing that.

Why You've Been Inexplicably Dumped

Mr Big - Sex and the City

Contrary to what Loréal adverts tell us, there are pluses to getting older - wisdom, bigger pay cheques, decent holidays, a swanky postcode. But as we become increasingly selective about our homes, cars, clothes and food, we also can’t help getting pickier about our partners.

Unemployed? Cash Is On The Way

Flea Market - Herman Brinkman

The market is picking up. That's the common refrain I've been hearing from recruiters for the last four months or so. Well, I, for one, do not think it is really picking up because it hasn't translated into more interviews, let alone job offers, for me.