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End Key T Al Nakib

Online Dating: The End

It’s been a marvellous experience in social sciences, really. From the agony of writing the profile, to the messaging, and of course the dates. I’ve met some nice people, even though it’s unlikely I’ll meet any of them again. And there were the others...

In The Tube Emsago Sxc Hu

Keep It Cool

Should you live in London, you’ll be pleased to know you can actually get slim, toned and rich just by taking public transport.

Creative vs. Corporate

“It’s not the industry you work in that’s important, it’s the office environment.” This is the advice I am constantly given as I try to decide between a creative or a corporate career path.

City Uniform

The days of school are long gone, but uniforms are still very much the standard in the City. I ran out of the Tube and stopped around the corner. I pulled out my compact for a final inspection: grey pinstripe suit, white blouse, silver studs and as minimal make-up as I could bear to wear in public.