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And They All Lived Happily Ever After?

The Divorce of Napoleon and Josephine - Charles Abraham Chasselat

Given that every retail outlet has been cajoling us into making Valentine purchases since early January, and this onslaught is becoming increasingly frenzied, one cannot fail to notice that February 14th is rapidly approaching.

A Valentine's Preparation Guide

Heart Bag - Chobi Capeta

A wise person once said: Remember that at Christmas we go to bed hoping to exchange gifts with those we love. On Valentine’s we exchange gifts in the hope of going to bed with those we love. So, if you do purchase something, make it count!

The Only Banker's Diet That Works

Bacon Butty

So it’s a new year. We gained the usual seven pounds over Christmas, we indulged in one too many mince pies, three too many roast potatoes, not to mention I don’t how many gallons of red wine, cheese board selections, and that final box of Quality Streets that we just didn’t need. 

Christmas Dinners

First Edition of Pride and Prejudice

The title of this article suggests that it is being published way over date. It's not. Christmas Dinners are a year-round tradition in young, conservative right wing Netherlands. These formal dinners (Kerstdiners in Dutch) are arranged to hook up eligible, young men with well-bred, future desperate housewives. 

Captain Planet's Good Ideas

Some Nice Tomatoes - Alan Luckow

Let's be real - we don't actually think that being greener was one of your New Year's resolutions. But if you have a greener year, then you can have a more self-satisfied year. And that we do know is real.

Sex - A British Obsession?

Banging Beetles - Konrad Mostert

There is no doubt that we have a national obsession with the sexual indiscretions of others. Newspapers and magazines dedicate hundreds of column inches each week to the predilections of our leaders or their wives, 'celebs', and sportsmen.

I Do, I Do!

Wedding 2 - bea29sm -

A marriage of convenience is not only a thing from the past or religious families. Our friends also seem to marry on less than pure, love-inspired, motives. 

Monday, Blo.dy Monday

Calendar - Pawel Kryj

Ladies and gentlemen mark your calendars because Monday, 18 January 2010 has been officially branded as the most depressing day of the year...and it’s arrived portentously like a Siberian snowstorm in Zone 1.

How Hiring Happens Now

Hand Shake - Laura Glover

Gone are the days when you could walk into a recruitment agency, line up job interviews with several prestigious banks, and more than likely, one or two of them would offer you a job.

Beware of Cameras in the Bedroom

Self-Portrait in the Mirror - Nick Winchester

Despite what they say about mankind’s ingenuity and inventiveness, we can be a pretty unoriginal lot. The same old bedroom antics seem to go on all over the country - you know, dressing up, a bit of light bondage, a few saucy photos, maybe even a bit of camcorder action.



Pink Donuts Pixaio

Deliver Us From Temptation

Thy name, temptation, is unhappiness. Unhappiness in its many guises and sorrows. And as we prepare this report in late February, “The Year in Unhappiness” is off to a strong start.