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Why Are Female Managers So Controlling?

Stairs to Success - Peter Galbraith

I am trying to reach the top. And on my way I encounter many females on the same journey. Some of them are a step ahead of me and are already managing a department or team. In my relatively short career I have had two female managers. Both of them were control freaks.

Bye-Bye, Sell Sell

Get Out of Jail Free Card

A dark room. Uncomfortable figures are seated in a semi-circle on plastic chairs, fiddling nervously with cups, jewelry or anything else that is close to hand. A man enters the room and smiles welcomingly, but receives only glassy stares in return. He nods at one of the hunched figures and motions for them to stand.

Employed Vs Unemployed

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Three months have gone by since I have re-entered the corporate world and discarded the mantle of a lady of leisure.

My Boss Is Lazy

Party Poker

Our manager does not work. We, meaning my 11 colleagues and I, are convinced that he does not perform actual work activities during the day. That is next to reading the newspaper and checking the performance of his enormous stock portfolio.

Back in the Saddle

A Light Highway - Matthew Shiroma

Having taken five months off, being back at work takes on a whole new meaning. I wake up in the morning and appreciate that I have an office to go to, people to see, and things to do.

The Atlas Male

Atlas -

Women have been labeling men since the origin of time; idle attempts to understand their incomprehensible counterparts, with the sole purpose of control. Unfortunately, a man’s brain works differently. You can label all you like; it won’t make you pin him down.

The Life of a Temp: A Poem

Coffee Automat - Helmut Guigo

It's been a while since we brought you something in verse. And be honest, when was the last time you read a poem? Fill the void in your literary world here.



Linux Login Joshua Davis

Password Power

For most of us, the biggest problem in picking a password isn't finding one no one will ever guess, it's finding one we can remember.