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Should I Stay On Paradise Island?

The Beach, Whitsunday Island - Sam Bloomfield

I am on vacation on paradise island. It is incredible here. And just like any other visit to an exotic place, after a few days, I never want to leave. I want to live here. Grow my own mango trees. Keep some chickens and be happy for the rest of my life.

There's No Place Like Banking

Man With Bag - Steve Carboni

Surprising how many of those who had left banking (mostly unwillingly) in order to do what they always wanted to are trickling back into the industry now.

Life After the City - Part 2

Time - Asif Akbar

Going back to work - outside the City - after almost a year off, I wasn’t too sure how realistic my work/life balance goal would be. All I knew was that this time I only wanted to work as hard as need be.

Life After the City - Part 1

Blackberry - Sophia Lemon

With all the opportunities that the ‘bulk redundancy’ era of the credit crunch presented, I took mine, and decided to see if I couldn't change more than just my job.

The Secret World of the Ladies Loo

PQ - Raphael Goetter

The office is a curious place, with its warren of desks, break-out areas, conference rooms occupied by cabals and cliques of various shades. But none is so curious as the office loo.

Why Are Female Managers So Controlling?

Stairs to Success - Peter Galbraith

I am trying to reach the top. And on my way I encounter many females on the same journey. Some of them are a step ahead of me and are already managing a department or team. In my relatively short career I have had two female managers. Both of them were control freaks.