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How To WFH (Work From Home)

Wireless Home Office

Here in the UK - and especially in the City - despite the abundance of every possible technological means, not too many people 'WFH' that often. And those that do face the obligatory raised eyebrow and slacker comments.

Thai Serenity in Covent Garden

Thai Square Spa

Mention Thailand, and certain banker pals get that glazed look on their faces. Ms R knows of a few who, having experienced some sort of epiphany on their Siamese stopovers, have devoted their lives to looking for the same experience in London.

The Nutritionist: Vitamin 'L'

Banana & Chocolate Bert8k Sxc Hu

This Valentine’s day (or any other day) make sure you don’t forget to express your love. Love is food for the soul; it nourishes the body, mind and spirit. So dish up a dinner rich in nutritious and health-boosting vitamins - including plenty of Vitamin 'L'.

Occupational Hazards

The Control Tower Umayr Sahlan Masud

“Good morning and thank you for flying KLM. We are now approaching Schiphol airport. Due to the good weather conditions, we are slightly ahead of schedule. The estimated arrival time is 8:15am.”