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Manners, Gentlemen, Manners!

English Gentleman Jenny Rollo

We need to talk. 25% of you have clipped your nails on the Tube? That should be .25%. At most, 25% of you can admit to clipping your nails somewhere in your house other than the bathroom.

Electronic Cigarettes For the Novice

Electronic Cigarette

A friend was talking at dinner about a short flight he took. "And then we passed 10,000 feet, and the woman next to me pulled out this thing, and started smoking it. I thought to myself, WTF!? Is this legal? Should I tell the flight attendant?"

The Top 10 Workout Songs For November

Autumn Joggers

Ok so party season is almost upon us, and some of us need a bit of help to get into that little sparkly number and others just want to get Christmas dinner "match fit"! So here are this month's top 10 songs to help you get more from your workout ....

The Off-Screen Romances of Bond Girls

Halle Berry And Pierce Brosnan

We all know that stars aren't perfect, but it's easy to get fixated on their so-called perfection. But the truth is that even even Bond girls, supposedly the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet, get the dating thing wrong, too.

Rules For Life After 35

Swan Dive Zanetta Hardy

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for a list that give me some insight into how successfully I'm living. This one is called Rules for life after 35. (And now I guess I have to admit I'm over 35.)

Landing the Job

Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler's new book talks about how to talk about what matters. And one of the times that matters most is in a job interview. She's got 10 tips for ensuring your interview is a success, and helping you land the job.

Girls: Turn Your Dating Life Around

Playful Girl Viktors Kozers

Sick and tired of a disastrous dating life? Tighten up your act by following these 10 rules from a woman who's making the topic of dating her business. (Guys, you might want to check in so you know how to behave, too.)