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Sugar: If We Eat It, It Will Kill Us!

Cinnamon Rolls, Mmmm Luis Solis

"Are we sure about that? Shouldn’t we say, ‘Sugar: If we eat it, it may kill us?’” “And what about how much? Doesn’t it make a huge difference how much we eat?” “Right! If we don’t eat too much, you know, it may not kill us!”

Pregnant women are doing it wrong

Pregnant Belly 3 Benjamin Earwicker

Despite it being possibly the most stressful and demanding time of their lives, many seem to feel that pregnant women aren’t sufficiently panicked about their situation. Luckily, there’s always another study or news story around the corner to further pile on the doubt and worry

Will headphones damage my hearing?


It's often thought that listening to loud music on headphones damages hearing, though evidence is inconclusive. A new survey may give more details, and some vit C might help too


Happiness and Its Causes

I returned from my holiday in the sun fully expecting a few days of lovely relaxation and gentle meditation at the Second Annual European Conference on Happiness and its Causes. But what I got was an incredibly compact program, exhaustive and stressful. And great.

Linux Login Joshua Davis

Password Power

For most of us, the biggest problem in picking a password isn't finding one no one will ever guess, it's finding one we can remember.