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Why aren't we exercising?

Running Children

Lord Coe has warned that 'lazy lifestyles' will reduce the lifespan of our children, after a report found that we are now 24 per cent less active than in 1961. Do you exercise? And if not, why not?


Redundancy - Not the End of the World

So, you've been culled. You're out. Let go. The big 'R' - Redundant. What do you do now? Your head's in a spin, panic is on the list of options, and your emotions are going haywire. Have no fear - redundancy is not the end of the world.

Girls Night With A Purpose

Girls Night is important. And a Girls Night with a purpose? Even better. Come laugh with your girlfriends and support Sparks (Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids), Deutsche Bank's charity of the year - all within walking distance of your City office.

They You Up, Your Mum and Dad

Dear Soul Sister: I'm going to have a baby soon, and my husband and I want to screw him up as little as possible - although we both realise that doing a perfect job is impossible. Got any advice? Thanks, Sarah

Happiness and Its Causes

I returned from my holiday in the sun fully expecting a few days of lovely relaxation and gentle meditation at the Second Annual European Conference on Happiness and its Causes. But what I got was an incredibly compact program, exhaustive and stressful. And great.

Linux Login Joshua Davis

Password Power

For most of us, the biggest problem in picking a password isn't finding one no one will ever guess, it's finding one we can remember.