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16 Ways to Change the World

How To Academy

At one of the most prestigious, old institutions in England, the Royal Institution, sixteen top brains will come together to present the most thought-provoking presentations you will have heard for a long time.

Gradual weightloss no better than crash diets in the long term

Apple Salad

New study shows that people who lose weight slowly and steadily are no more likely to keep it off in the long term than those who opt for crash dieting - but some experts say doctors should be able to recommend crash diets because even short-term weight loss will improve the health of the obese


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Beat the Bloat in Time for the Beach

How did it happen? It’s already summer and your beach holiday is only a few days away and somehow you still haven’t managed to look your best in that little beach outfit.

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Are lie-ins bad for you?

A study this month showed that sleeping more at weekends could raise the risk of diabetes and heart disease. So, should you really get up on a Sunday?

Cinnamon Rolls, Mmmm Luis Solis

Sugar: If We Eat It, It Will Kill Us!

"Are we sure about that? Shouldn’t we say, ‘Sugar: If we eat it, it may kill us?’” “And what about how much? Doesn’t it make a huge difference how much we eat?” “Right! If we don’t eat too much, you know, it may not kill us!”


Is Stress Killing You ?

This info-graphic helps you to identify the symptoms of stress and suggests some simple ways to de-stress - some more appealing than others!

Johnny Walker

Johnny's Mid-Life Crisis

My name is Johnny. I am a former rotund recruiter. Some years ago, Here Is The City gathered together 10 fat bankers and two rotund recruiters for a sponsored weight loss. More than £10,000 later, we were all slimmer.