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The Life of a Temp: A Poem

It's been a while since we brought you something in verse. And be honest, when was the last time you read a poem? Fill the void in your literary world here.

English Gentleman Jenny Rollo

Manners, Gentlemen, Manners!

We need to talk. 25% of you have clipped your nails on the Tube? That should be .25%. At most, 25% of you can admit to clipping your nails somewhere in your house other than the bathroom.

Olivia And Vanessa Ascendance

Two City Girls Need You (To Party)

Vanessa Gerrard (RBC) and Olivia Toye (Monitor Group) are trekking to the top of the three highest mountains in East Africa. But first, they'd like you to trek to the top of Centre Point for ASCENDANCE, a party to help them raise money this Saturday night, 16th April.

Booty Call From Batman

I’d been on a great first date with a guy I met on and I was eagerly awaiting a call from him to arrange round two.  My mobile started ringing as I arrived home at 1am after a Saturday night out...