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Should I have more saunas?


Research in Finland shows that regular saunas considerably decrease the risk of heart disease in men. Yet saunas in this country often warn those with a heart condition not to use them

Gluten-free: health fad or life-saving diet?

Gluten Free

Up to a third of American adults are now avoiding gluten, and numbers in Britain are growing rapidly: gluten-free sales are soaring. But is it really our dietary enemy – or, as Jennifer Lawrence thinks, just the ‘new cool eating disorder’?


City Spire Triplex

For Sale: NYC's Most Expensive Apartment

In case you missed it (we somehow did), New York listings have hit an all-time high with this triplex. Though we can't help thinking it will go for a bit less than its $100-million-dollar asking price...

Swan Dive Zanetta Hardy

Rules For Life After 35

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for a list that give me some insight into how successfully I'm living. This one is called Rules for life after 35. (And now I guess I have to admit I'm over 35.)

Baby Gurhan Yildirim

Childbirth and The Big O

O, no, we're not kidding. Apparently, 1 in 3-0-0 women experience something akin to one during childbirth. That's right. Not during conception, but during delivery.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I have tried a number of ways to find true love. In fact I would have settled for a half decent bloke that didn't scare my flatmates or didn't lick his knife and shovel his food. Not a lot to ask for.


Is Stress Killing You ?

This info-graphic helps you to identify the symptoms of stress and suggests some simple ways to de-stress - some more appealing than others!

Monday, Blo.dy Monday

Ladies and gentlemen mark your calendars because Monday, 18 January 2010 has been officially branded as the most depressing day of the year...and it’s arrived portentously like a Siberian snowstorm in Zone 1.

Dr Luisa Dillner's guide to . . . Vitamin D

Following reports that too much sunscreen led to one little girl being at risk of rickets, it seems we are confused about Vitamin D – which is needed for healthy bones because it helps to absorb calcium from the digestive system.