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Should I have more saunas?


Research in Finland shows that regular saunas considerably decrease the risk of heart disease in men. Yet saunas in this country often warn those with a heart condition not to use them

Gluten-free: health fad or life-saving diet?

Gluten Free

Up to a third of American adults are now avoiding gluten, and numbers in Britain are growing rapidly: gluten-free sales are soaring. But is it really our dietary enemy – or, as Jennifer Lawrence thinks, just the ‘new cool eating disorder’?


Pink Donuts Pixaio

Deliver Us From Temptation

Thy name, temptation, is unhappiness. Unhappiness in its many guises and sorrows. And as we prepare this report in late February, “The Year in Unhappiness” is off to a strong start.

Diamonds in the Smilepod

Here in London where people don't flirt and smile at each other in the street lest they inadvertently chat up a terrorist, teeth may well be deemed unnecessary. This may explain the English attitude of 'Nobody sees them, so why spend money?' 

Easter Background 1 Renate Kalloch

Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

With the long Easter weekend coming up, it’s time to have a look at a food that's been around for centuries and has been getting a bad rap for quite some time. I'm talking eggs, and - sorry - not the ones made out of chocolate.