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Fitspo: how strong became the new skinny


Health has become fetishised on social media by ‘fitspiration’ devotees posting pictures of ‘clean’ food and gym-tight abs. But does the trend inspire better living – or is it promoting a new form of body fascism?

How to avoid Vitamin D deficiency

Sun Tan

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and arthritis, as well as childhood illnesses. So is sunshine and oily fish enough – or should you take supplements?


Woman Jogging Blur Ariel Da Silva Parreira

The Running Epidemic

An epidemic is sweeping through the streets and parks of London, yet no one seems to care. Nobody is doing anything about it, and I don’t know where to turn. I am, of course, talking about people who do not know how to run.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes For the Novice

A friend was talking at dinner about a short flight he took. "And then we passed 10,000 feet, and the woman next to me pulled out this thing, and started smoking it. I thought to myself, WTF!? Is this legal? Should I tell the flight attendant?"

Pink Donuts Pixaio

Deliver Us From Temptation

Thy name, temptation, is unhappiness. Unhappiness in its many guises and sorrows. And as we prepare this report in late February, “The Year in Unhappiness” is off to a strong start.

Diamonds in the Smilepod

Here in London where people don't flirt and smile at each other in the street lest they inadvertently chat up a terrorist, teeth may well be deemed unnecessary. This may explain the English attitude of 'Nobody sees them, so why spend money?' 


The Whole 30 Book

Holy Whole 30

Six weeks ago, one of my friends told me she was “gearing up to do The Whole 30.” My sugar addiction and I trembled in fear, because we knew it had to end for us, too.