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Millions spent marketing Windows Phone 'will make little impact in US'

A Billion Dollars

The millions of dollars being spent by Microsoft marketing its Windows Phone platform will have barely any effect on sales in the US, with the total number of handsets running its software expected to rise to 5m of the 123m smartphones sold there this year, according to new estimates from the research company Strategy Analytics.

Wearable Technology: A Vision of the Future ?

Carga Sling Bag

Not so long ago I was skiiing down a slope in France, wearing a pair of ski goggles which, when I looked down and to my right, showed me my precise location, how fast I was going, where the ski run went (useful in a whiteout).

Apple app hack: developers may not get refunds

Rotten Apple

Apple is investigating a method developed by a Russian hacker that allow people to make fake in-app purchases in some apps downloaded from the iTunes App Store, a move that could undermine a significant number of apps' monetisation system.

Wanted: a Windows laptop that can handle 16GB of memory

$1m laptop

I'm a software developer and photographer looking for a new laptop, as my existing machine – a three-year-old Dell Studio XPS16 – is now creaking along with its maximum of 4GB RAM. My criteria are: 15.6in high-res screen (1080p or thereabouts), 750GB hard drive, Intel Core i7 and at least 8GB RAM but upgradable to 16GB, all on a budget of £1,000 or less.

Hey, Microsoft, why'd you kill the Start orb in Windows 8?

Window Cat - Ben Nevius

I'm what you might call an early adopter. Shiny new technology to play with makes me happy. So I've been running the Windows 8 Release Preview (that's a fancy term for public beta) on two of my PCs for a while now. I even put it on a very elderly Compaq laptop before I risked it on computers I actually use, and it worked fine.