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How to make the perfect martini


It is the quintessential cocktail. But for a recipe involving just two ingredients, the debate over its correct preparation is endless. Vodka or gin? How wet? How cold? Shaken or stirred? And should you ever use salt?

How to make the perfect kale crisps

Kale Chips

The only good thing to come out of the kale cult madness are these crunchy, salty, deliciously rich crisps (or chips). But should you use curly kale or black? Deep-fried or baked? And which seasoning goes best?


House 19 Bar

Home House, Portman Square

In London’s super league of private members club, Home House sits alongside the Soho House group and the Groucho Club as a bona fide A lister. Of the three, Home House is arguably the most exclusive with a reputation built on luxury, service, and privacy.

Sake no hana (SW1A 1HA)

I stood in front of the doors to Alan Yau's new restaurant. The sign was barely visible. Is this it? Then slight panic. So why aren't the doors opening? Finally they did, and three minutes later, my less-observant dining companions arrived. Oh, so this is it! they said.


How to make the perfect taramasalata

Savoury food of the Greek gods or pungent pariah of the picnic? Do you use salted or savoury roe, what do you serve it with – and will anyone admit to a passion for the bright pink, ready-made variety?