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How to make the perfect martini


It is the quintessential cocktail. But for a recipe involving just two ingredients, the debate over its correct preparation is endless. Vodka or gin? How wet? How cold? Shaken or stirred? And should you ever use salt?


Asia De Cuba London

Asia de Cuba, Covent Garden

"Isn’t Asia de Cuba a little passé?" asked Tom, my veritable man about Soho. While Tom and I have different tastes in terms of style and fashion (it’s questionable whether we have any sense of either), I saw where he was coming from.

Amstel Light Ad

Warning: Slow-Moving Pub

Driving through downtown Minneapolis on a Sunday at noon revealed a few things: no one seems to actually live downtown. And the baseball fans have all gone home. But not all of the partiers. Not the ones on the moving bar heading north on 2nd Avenue.