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The Electricity Showrooms, Hoxton

The Electricity Showrooms

Those of us who are old enough to remember getting drunk in the nineties (which happened to be my friends and me on this particular evening) remember a very different Electricity Showrooms.

Eight Moorgate EC2

Eight Moorgate EC2

You would have thought that if anything was affected by the credit crunch it would be private members clubs. Yet, to paraphrase Tony Soprano, it seems that like the mafia, these bastions of exclusivity are recession proof.

Giant Robot - Clerkenwell

Giant Robot

For those of us brought up on a diet of 1950s Hollywood movies, the diner remains a powerful symbol of all things American. These shimmering stainless steel eating houses have made menu staples such as pancakes, French toast and grits, and bottomless cups of coffee as familiar to us as the traditional full English. By name at least.

London's Best Outdoor Pubs

The Crabtree - Fulham

Tis the season, regardless of what the thermometer says. And to ensure you're in the right place when the mercury does hit, say 15, following are 10 spots to plant yourself al fresco and toast the Great British Summer.

Be At One - Spitalfields

There has been plenty of noise over the years about banning ‘Happy Hour’ - the after-work drinking session that is apparently responsible for every social ill from ASBOs to our ‘broken society’. I’m surprised it hasn't been blamed for the credit crunch.

Brew Wharf - Borough Market

Brew Wharf

It was not so long ago that any London pub which specialised in ales and bitters tended to be frequented by people of a more 'earthy' nature. Criminals, in other words.