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Catch at the Andaz Hotel

Catch At Andaz

Readers of the diatribes I pass off for reviews will be aware that I’m not a fan of hotel bars, and I tend to be similarly underwhelmed by their restaurant counterparts.

Late night dining

When I was young and skint and first moved to London I became hooked on visits to the 24-hour bagel cafe in Ridley Road market.

The new black market for Christmas puds

Every year there's something, isn't there? A decade ago it was Delia, boldly introducing the nation, Walter Raleigh-like, to the notion of fresh cranberries in a sauce we could make ourselves rather than buy in a jar.

Cornish blue: the greatest of cheese

General de Gaulle is famously said to have remarked of France "How can you govern a country that produces 246 varieties of cheeses?" The same can probably be said of Britain these days, and one of those cheeses, Cornish blue, has just won the top award at the World Cheese Awards, announced at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham yesterday.