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How to eat: fish finger sandwiches

Fish Finger Sandwich

In fish fingers’ 60th year in the UK, How to Eat is considering their highest complete expression: the fish finger sandwich. White bread or brown? Tartare or tomato sauce? Slice of cheese? As ever, there’s a great deal to chew over

How to make the perfect Turkish delight

Turkish Delight

We all have fond memories of nabbing one from a box of Roses, but authentic, gummy lokum is labour-intensive. The question is: should you roll these sugary creations in icing or dip them in chocolate?


Asia De Cuba London

Asia de Cuba, Covent Garden

"Isn’t Asia de Cuba a little passé?" asked Tom, my veritable man about Soho. While Tom and I have different tastes in terms of style and fashion (it’s questionable whether we have any sense of either), I saw where he was coming from.

Oslo Court Restaurant (NW8)

On the north side of Regents Park, hidden away amongst the rows of 'luxury' apartments that make up much of St John's Wood, is a landmark restaurant that has stood the test of time for thirty years. Welcome to the institution that is the time-warp world of the Oslo Court Restaurant.

room service

Is it ever OK to eat in bed?

Nigella Lawson keeps condiments in her nightstand, and has long been an advocate of dining in bed. But what is acceptable to eat between the sheets – and what is best avoided?

Waitrose Stratford

Sweet Waitrose Tweets

Really, no business would be safe asking an open-ended question. So should Waitrose be surprised by the answers they received to the question, "I shop at Waitrose because_______________?" We think not.