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HIX, Soho

HIX In Soho

I love Soho. While other areas come in and out of fashion (Islington and Notting Hill being noticeably out, and Shoreditch on its way), Soho always has, and probably always will have, that thing that makes it special.

Rodizio Rico, Fulham

Rodizio Rico

Near Fulham Broadway station, Rodizio Rico, a Brazilian grill restaurant, opened its doors a few months ago. After the O2, Islington, and Westbourne Grove, this is the fourth location, but perhaps not the last, of a (at least for now) small-ish chain.

Oreo Cameos


Yes, Oreo as in the chocolaty cookie with the white stuff in the middle and cameo as in the carving method popular during the renaissance.

The White Swan, Fetter Lane

The White Swan

I am pleased to report that salt is making a comeback. For years it seemed this staple seasoning (for most of us of a certain age) was on the way to being banned from cooking altogether.

Coco di Mama

Coco Di Mama Exteroir

When asked if I was interested in reviewing a new Italian lunch place on Fleet Street, my first thought was: Fleet Street is a bit of a trek. To be fair, it turned out to be a lot closer than I thought (even in heels). More importantly, it was very much worth the trip.

The Best Hamburger in London

Fastfood Series Sxc Hu Ilco

There's a new man in town, and he seems to be popping up everywhere. In Soho, Angel, New Change Shopping Center, he's pretty much everywhere. So what's his name? Byron! But is his burger the best?

The Drift, Bishopsgate

The Drift Bar

Isn’t London just so New York nowadays? And I’m not just talking about the increase in diners, coffee shops and Jewish-styled delis, but the skyline, which amongst other things, has made the opening shots of The Apprentice such compulsive viewing.