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Roast, Borough Market

Breakfast At Roast

I remember the stir that Roast caused when it opened. For some it was around the beginning of the end – a.k.a. gentrification - of Borough Market. For others it was the question of why someone would go to a restaurant for a roast, rather then a pub. Finally, and on recollection most vociferously: is it possible for a restaurant to deliver top-notch roast potatoes to order?

Fine Wine Going Up

Wine Grape Patrick Hajzler

Bordeauxs have been suffering in the unpredictable weather of the last year. But a survey of the top merchants, auction houses and investment fund managers in the fine wine sector suggest that strong opportunities for wine investors and collectors are coming.

Cabana, Westfield, Stratford City

Cabana Westfield

In case you haven’t noticed, this is an Olympic year in our fair city. That’s right, 2012 (pronounced twenty-twelve, rather then two thousand and twelve in the gospel according to Boris) is when we will get to see Usain Bolt break world records on a diet of chicken nuggets, while we pin our hopes on sports in which no other country can really afford to compete – roll on the equestrian and sailing.

A Return to the Melting Pot

Broccoli In Cheese Fondue

Growing up on the north side of Tampa, Florida, The Melting Pot ('A fondue restaurant') was a familiar place. It was there I met my first fondue pot, and my love for it solidified faster than melted cheese off the flame. (Ugh, so, uh, cheesy. Sorry.) But then it closed, and that was that. Or so I thought.

Village East, Bermondsey

Village East

Apparently, the last full weekend before Christmas is the busiest of the year. Restaurants, bars, and clubs are booked anything up to a year in advance in anticipation of a bit of pre-Xmas cheer, before the recession hits the wallets.