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The Oyster Shed

The Oyster Shed, London Bridge

My first job as a new arrival in London was at BZW – the venerable and illustrious predecessor of Barclays Capital that had its offices in Tower Hill and London Bridge. And although I was based at Royal Mint Court, we spent a lot of time at the London Bridge office on Angel Lane - for work and pleasure, as it happened.

Wine Glass

Good wine at rock-bottom prices

Austerity might be hitting your wallet, but that’s no reason to miss out on some of the finer things in life. David Williams sifts through the shelves to find the best on offer at Bargain Booze



How to cook the perfect crisps

Freshly cooked potato crisps are a far cry from the bagged variety, but what variety of spud should you use, how do you ensure they go crispy without burning – and is the superior taste worth all the effort?