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Why do I crave certain foods?


Researchers believe that liking food and craving it are different things – meaning our brains are more sophisticated than previously thought when it comes to making us eat certain things

Sugar: If We Eat It, It Will Kill Us!

Cinnamon Rolls, Mmmm Luis Solis

"Are we sure about that? Shouldn’t we say, ‘Sugar: If we eat it, it may kill us?’” “And what about how much? Doesn’t it make a huge difference how much we eat?” “Right! If we don’t eat too much, you know, it may not kill us!”



Buffalo Wings

How to cook the perfect buffalo wings

This American Super Bowl classic has made its way across the Atlantic – but will using anything but the popular Frank’s brand of hot sauce make them any less authentic? And should you bake or fry them for deliciously crispy skin?