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Love Affair With Chocolate

Mischievous food experimenter Heston Blumenthal goes all Willy Wonka with a sixties-themed programme, "Heston's Chocolate Factory Feast" featuring chocolate fountains and lickable wallpaper. The versatility of this mind-altering substance has tempted man for centuries. Can you resist the seductive lure of chocolate? 

Divine Picnics

I was in the loft the other day rooting around, as you do, getting side-tracked from the mission at hand, as you do, looking for the picnic hamper. After a few trips down memory lane, I finally located it wedged in a corner looking inviting - and full of last year’s debris.

Web TV for the Fabulous Foodie

Have your sources for restaurant recommendations gone a little stale? Get insider info on the best restaurants and hotels in Great Britain with a new web TV site guaranteed to stimulate the taste buds of even the most discriminating foodies.

Shoreditch House

If there was a premier league of bars and clubs, then the mighty Soho House group would always be at - or near - the top.


Turkish Delight

How to make the perfect Turkish delight

We all have fond memories of nabbing one from a box of Roses, but authentic, gummy lokum is labour-intensive. The question is: should you roll these sugary creations in icing or dip them in chocolate?