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How to cook the perfect chicken korma


A bland curry for the unadventurous or a noble dish worthy of Mughal emperors? Do you add fruit and nuts, is yoghurt better than cream – and would you be caught dead ordering it in a curry house?

How to make the perfect Irish coffee

Irish Coffee

The ideal way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day or an abomination best left in the Irish theme pub? Do you use espresso or filter, plain old whiskey or added liqueur – and just how do you get the cream to float on top?


Coco Di Mama Exteroir

Coco di Mama

When asked if I was interested in reviewing a new Italian lunch place on Fleet Street, my first thought was: Fleet Street is a bit of a trek. To be fair, it turned out to be a lot closer than I thought (even in heels). More importantly, it was very much worth the trip.

Mayfair Pizza Co Pizza

Mayfair Pizza Co, Soho

“Pizza for dessert?” Despite the best efforts of our lovely waitress, who talked us through the menu of the Mayfair Pizza Co, it was the sweet pizzas, which included Wild Strawberry and Limoncello and Lime, Banana Tiramis and Nutella Calzone, that stood out as a potential challenge for my ‘classic’ palate.