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How to cook the perfect buffalo wings

Buffalo Wings

This American Super Bowl classic has made its way across the Atlantic – but will using anything but the popular Frank’s brand of hot sauce make them any less authentic? And should you bake or fry them for deliciously crispy skin?


The Parlour Interior

The Parlour, Canary Wharf

This is a golden anniversary year. Not only does our Queen Elizabeth celebrate her 50th year on the throne, but I have reached a similar landmark. No, I haven’t turned 50 just yet, but two years after the lifestyle editor for this magazine decided to take a chance on me, I’ve chalked up my 50th review for HITC Life.

The Fable Interior

The Fable, Holborn Viaduct

Where did the idea for serving food on chopping boards come from? I first came across it back in the mid-noughties at Soho’s Boheme Bar and Grill and I’m pretty sure I didn’t like it.

Candied Bacon Jack Daniels Cocktail

Jack Daniel's and I

When I was 10, I took my first trip to the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. By the time I was 16, I'd rediscovered Mr Jack, and made my second trip.

Langan's Brasserie (W1J)

Twenty-five years ago, when Peter Langan was in full swing and held court daily at the establishment that bore his name, dining at Langan’s Brasserie was a risky business.

Neal's Yard Manolis Kanakis

Covent Garden in Autumn

This part of London, one of the main tourist draws, isn’t a place I often get to. It’s too full of people generally lolling about, gazing at the living statues, sipping coffee in the Piazza. But on a visit last week I noticed a very nice transformation at the 'wrong’ end of Long Acre.


egg sandwich

Can you be a vegan and eat eggs?

A growing band of ‘veggans’ believe eating ‘cruelty-free’ eggs is justifiable because it fosters the ethical treatment of hens. Needless to say, true vegans disagree. Let the debate commence

Rye Bread

How to make the perfect rye bread

There is no reason the Scandis should call dibs on this distinctive, flavoursome loaf, so here is a recipe for a simple, everyday rye. But should you mix this hardy grain with another flour? And what is the right way to get a good rise?