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Giving Green

People Tree

New York-based HITC Life friend, Liza Dunn, is a green consultant. In her business, she helps people lower their environmental impact, and at this time of year, give greener gifts. For you last minute shoppers, a few suggestions.

Deck Your Girl's Neck

Alexandra Jefford Pendant

All (well, most) women love jewellery. So if you're still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas piece for the fabulous gal in your life, check out our most excellent suggestions.

Cutting Edge and Cloth Off Savile Row

Suitsupply Snakes

Today sees the arrival of a new suit in town. But this isn't just any suit. It's a rather cool suit, created by a rather crazy guy who spent last night camping out in front of his new Mayfair shop with 1,000 alarm clocks.

Need a Gift for a Lawyer?

Sue the Bastards

Carbolic Smoke Ball (read below to find out what that is) sells clever gifts for lawyers and bankers. Some are silly, some classy, and all are very appropriate. (Dentists, Politicos, Doctors and Property Folks also serviced.)

Spend Well and Ye Shall Get

Credit Card - Jan Roger Johannesen

Too many people spend too much money at the holidays, and we Shopaholics don't support this. Live within your means, we say! And if that means cava instead of champ so you can afford those shoes, so be it. But a better secret for saving follows...

Smart Suiting Goes Like This

Necktie - Penny Matthews

In my opinion, declining dress standards in the City have much to do with the demise of the suit. We all agree a smart suit is what a man should be wearing to work if he's in a position of responsibility, so I'm not sure why they don't.

No Excess in this Baggage

Jasper Conran Black Glitter

Travel season is upon us. Whether you're going skiing, sunning or just getting away from it all, we've got the luggage to help you super-style your way across the globe.