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Mega Mobile Power

Buy the Power Brick

Whether you're flying out to Thailand for a holiday or New York for a business trip there's one comparative problem, the 6 hour+ travel time vs the < 3 hr battery time of today's modern, pocket sized gadgets. Sure the manufacturers tote long battery life but when you start surfing the web on your phone, watching videos on your iPod and playing games on your PSP you begin to wonder exactly who came up with the product specs.

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Smythson - Dreams and Thoughts

In case you, too, have been distracted by excess volatility, then the timing of our Valentine's Gift List will be in sync with your Valentine's Day preparations. For husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, or your favourite lover of either sex, we've got you covered.

Spring Into City Style

Pringle 1815 Fringe Skirt

Ding dong, the sales are dead. Thank God! I don't think I can cope with any more reduced smock dresses, especially as their voluminous shape reminds me that I am one of the 88% who have failed to keep their New Years resolutions.

The Bonus of Your Bonus

Silver Porsche 911

It's the one time of the year when you can go out and make that big purchase with a totally substantiated sense of entitlement and not even an inkling of guilt. You earned it, you deserve it.

How to Spend $7.1 Billion

Smoking Nude - Stefan Hellwig

What a week. Following on Monday's stock market bloodbath and Tuesday's emergency Fed Intervention comes yesterday's tale of $7.1 billion lost by a rogue trader. Come on people! We've got better ways to spend it.

Detox Your Life - and Your Wardrobe

Temperley for Target

It is so easy at this time of year, when still recovering from the indulgences of the last one, to succumb to those obvious, recycled and inevitable magazine headlines such as 'Spring into Action', 'New Year New You', 'Feel Great in 08'. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I Love My Cobbler

Heart - Jonathan Gruber

I know, it's weird. I should be writing about how much I love my new haircut, my husband, or the fabulous gift he gave me. But in a world of shoddy service, right now I love my masterfully re-soled shoes, my magically repaired bag and three keys that work perfectly.

Sparkle this New Years Eve

St. Martin at House of Fraser

Given that NYE is the biggest anti-climax of the year for so many, it seems ironic that the 'What on Earth Do I Wear Question' has most of us in the sort of last-minute shopping frenzy last seen at, well, the office Christmas party.