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Lipstick Slickers and Frilly Knickers

Myla Freida Bra

Only 45 days after Christmas, and City Boys have to trudge back out to the shops to purchase something which says 'I love you' in a very intimate way. No Henry the Hoovers this time, or you will find all your shirts in a muddy puddle on the street rather than crisply ironed and folded nicely in a scented linen basket.

The 'Dirty' Men's Shirt Wars

A Pink Thomas Pink Shirt

You can’t walk past the shops without noticing 'Sale' slashed across glass fronts at most times of the year, and I have been informed that seemingly under-par shirts have been flooding the marketplace since before Christmas.

The Art of Giving

Happy Holidays - T. Al Nakib

The festive season is upon on us. Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, fairy lights - it's all there. That, and Christmas wish-lists.

A City Girl's Wish List

Louis Vuitton Irene Bag

Surely everyone who works in the City has a wish list. I’m not talking a bucket list like Jack Nicholson. (I’m leaving you anytime soon.) A wish list is what keeps the City types going through the early mornings and the late nights when the rest of the world is sleeping or having fun.

Want to Rent a Penthouse in Wapping?


If you need a new pad and work in the City or Canary Wharf, this place is perfect for you. It's got two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, an open-plan living space, and frankly, is a super cool place to live alone, with your partner, or even with a small child (should one show up).

Sounds Good To Us - Solar Sound

Buy the Devotec Solar Sound

Is there anything worse than wires and batteries? Yeah, actually, lots of things, but it sure would be great to do without them, especially when you have to lug them around with you on your holiday. Enter the Devotec Solar Sound speakers.