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The Solar Revolution Mark 2

Devotec Solar Sound 2

When we reviewed the first generation of Devotec's Solar Sound last year the main faults we could find with the device were the position of the microphone, a slight gripe over the sound quality at high volume and some concerns over build quality. We're glad to report that with the Solar Sound 2 Devotec have incrementally improved the product and solved all those issues.

The G. Pride Parade & Your Suit

The Gay Pride Parade - Ms P

Whilst cheekily checking out a few mid-season sales this weekend, I stumbled upon the Gay Pride parade. With this having come and gone, I'm wondering if we're going to see more of a riot of colour this summer, or if the City will seep back to its two-toned ties and uniform of grey.

Sun, Sea and Sexy Surfers

Antik Batik Diva Dress

It's that time of year again, and the City Boys and Girls come out to play. Al Fresco dining in the Wharf and the City becomes the norm, and our lunch hours take a little longer than usual as we lap up the oh-so-sparing sun. Our minds turn to what we will be doing on vacation.

Female, Lawyer, Dutch...and Cheap

Bills - Gerla Brakkee

Dutch people are known for not necessarily the most charming characteristics. Rude has been mentioned. Loud. Inconsiderate. And, of course, cheap. Do not underestimate how these national handicaps affect one's daily life. 

Wedding Fever Pitch

White Dreams - Kristina V Mack

What is it about weddings that brings out the vixen in us girls? Whether it's an extended invite or we're the bride-to-be, from the moment an engagement is announced, it’s a dash to find that perfect dress.

How To Buy A Property in Ten Days

Sale 2 - Roland Maier

Call it desperation or necessity (I prefer to think of it as my usual efficiency, though it did shell-shock The Boy), but I bought a flat on day 10 of my relocation back from Sydney to Singapore. And now I have some tips on to how to speed buy, if needed.

Open Your Wallet

Wealth? 2 - Alex Glynn

Funny old thing, tipping. It’s not compulsory, but the majority of us seem to donate voluntarily when it comes to appreciating good service. Now that we’re supposedly emerging from the recession and venturing out to dine again, how much of a gesture are you going to make when it comes to restaurant tipping.