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How to dress: Black and blue – literally

There are fashion rules that are sensible and whose logic is self-evident: don't turn up at someone else's wedding in a long white dress, or to a job interview in clothes you'd watch daytime TV in; don't expose legs and cleavage at the same time, unless you have a thick skin and a fly swat in your pocket.

Shopping For a Divorce

Gift Bag 2 - Dimitar Tzankov

Usually after the Big M, comes the Big B. Unfortunately, the result of choosing Mr Wrong and carting him down the aisle is often the big D. When diamonds are no longer your best friend, a good makeover and a spot of shoe shopping can feel like seventh heaven.

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MMzS Bracelet

Over drinks the other day, we got together and counted how many of our friends had been laid off in the past two years. A scary sixty percent. Then we looked at what they went on to do. One, in particular, stood out.