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The Smell of Old Money

Vintage Coty Ad

We couldn't pass it up: A luxury lifestyle company offered to send us a list of 'the perfume choices of the super rich'. Don't roll your eyes. Three cost less than a manicure and only one is out of production.

Dressing For All Work and No Play

Jigsaw Cardigan

The end of the holidays has come. We gloomily slink back to our desks as the end of the summer officially draws in, and the question comes back: now what the heck do we wear?

Is your Makeup Bag Missing This?

Shutterstock 79350295

Admit it, beauty trends can be notoriously difficult to translate to the office. What rocks the catwalk rarely rolls in the City. Following are five autumn beauty trends you CAN wear at work.

The Best Corporate Swag

Vintage Banker Bag

I used to work in the music business. The corporate swag we received from record companies, shall we say, rocked. A kitted out tool box that I use at least once a month. Gold records. A backpack picnic hamper with wine bottle cooler.