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The Cutest Girl on the Beach

Juicy Couture Swimdress

Long ago, I decided that if I wasn't going to be the hottest girl on the beach, I was going to be the cutest. I never had the right body to be the hottest - not curvy enough, not skinny enough, but with good legs and breasts.

Pimp My iPhone

Retro IPhone Cassette Case

We're pretty sure we're not hip enough to carry one of these. But at $1.75USD, who cares if we only carry it when we go out to get coffee at Spitalfields?

Shopping the Year Ahead

Vivienne Westwood AW2012

October’s fashion week saw the collections for the spring and summer, and February's, just passed, debuted Autumn/Winter. This means we can look forward to a pale, fairytale summer, followed by a more sultry style for winter.

The Best Kind of Easter Egg

Susannah Lovis Easter Eggs

Only today did we realise how much we want a beautiful, vintage Easter Egg to hang around our necks from, say, the end of February until the week after Easter.

Give Me Liberty...

Liberty Jack Russell Egg Cup

It started out innocently enough: a badger egg cup that caught our eye. Then suddenly we saw that Liberty has children's wear once again.