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How Brazil's Homegrown Fashion Grew Up

Dress For Success London

Not only does Brazil already possess a monopoly on all the good things in life – beaches, sunshine, carnival, caipirinha – it will soon host the two biggest sporting events on the planet, the 2014 Fifa World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

Lauren Laverne on Fashion: Jumpers

Sexy Show Jumpers

Who among us doesn't love a jumper? Diana Vreeland always wore hers backwards, claiming it was "much more flattering that way", Jean Paul Gaultier adopted his "uniform" of a sailor sweater when he started out in fashion "so I wouldn't drive myself crazy trying to work out what to wear".

Après-ski or Sun and Sea?

Oakley Guy

As winter creeps in, we find the days getting longer and the nights getting colder as we pile on the layers for the winter months.

Bankers and Their Trucks

The Icon

There are two kinds of bankers: those who like trucks, and those who don't. And of those who do like them, there are two further kinds: those who want luxury SUVs, and those who want as much kick-ass truck power as possible.


Short Skirt Shop Window

Will Uganda really ban the miniskirt?

If a bill passed by the Ugandan parliament in December becomes law, women wearing miniskirts in public will face arrest – and some commentators believe this is just the start of a wholesale erosion of women's rights in the country