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Lauren Laverne on Fashion: Fun in The Sun

Sailing In The Sun

I hope you're having a sparkling winter, truly I do. I pray that you're visibly delighted by the prospect of the freezing months ahead, skipping through the snow, pausing at your white-topped front gate to French a beautiful lady before dancing off into the three hours of natural light the day affords you, like Bill Murray at the end of 'Groundhog Day'.

Beauty: Forgotten Perfumes

Man Holding Nose

I was listening to 6 Music the other day and whooped with joy when I heard Blue Boy's Remember Me for the first time in what must have been years.

Rediscovering Jo Malone

Jo Malone Colognes

You would be forgiven for thinking I'm talking about Jo Malone's new foray into the fragrance world. It would make sense. But I'm not. I'm talking about the classic black and creme, which has far more going on than I ever knew.

The Modern Day Banker

Oliver Sweeney Venice Tan

Once upon a time, the stereotypical banker was a suave, elderly gentleman. Or he was a slightly-chunky, middle-aged man wearing suspenders and shouting into a telephone.

Dreamy Fashion Coming Soon

Mermaid's Song Manthy Sxc Hu

Ianassa is a new design line that sounds like a tropical island, and is based on the serenity of spending the day at a spa in a place like the Seychelles or St Tropez.


Suzannah Sweet Retro And Hudson Dresses

City Chic and Geeky Sweet

As the collections do the continental tours, London Fashion Week has given us a preview of what's in store for our spring / summer delight. We have the ones to watch, what’s hot (and maybe not), and our season favourites at a small boutique that could be near you…

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

In case you, too, have been distracted by excess volatility, then the timing of our Valentine's Gift List will be in sync with your Valentine's Day preparations. For husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, or your favourite lover of either sex, we've got you covered.