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Accessorising Men

Mont Blanc Leather Bracelet

Ask any woman and she'll confirm: it's the accessories that make an outfit. This is true to a lesser extent with guys, but it's the case with them, too.

Michelle Obama's Fringe: Stylewatch

Michelle Obama Still

Marking her 49th birthday this week, Michelle Obama – ever the giver – celebrated by gifting the world two things: another Twitter account (now four days old, it already has over 60,000 followers) and a new hairstyle.

Lionel Messi - What was that suit?

Messi Close Up

Undoubtedly the best player of 2012 and fast becoming the best of all time. Although the Argentine may also be the worst dressed after showing up in a polka-dot suit that made him look like a postmodern optical illusion.

Downton Abbey Star Dan Stevens Tops GQ's Best-Dressed Poll

Dan Stevens

As Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens was always impeccably turned out. But his off-screen style is equally admirable, according to sartorial experts. The actor has been named Britain's best-dressed man, beating perennial favourite David Beckham, Bradley Wiggins and the Prince of Wales to come top of GQ magazine's annual list.

Worst Ideas of 2012: The Onesie

Cheryl Cole on The X-Factor

Fashion, as Coco said, does not happen in a vacuum but reflects the times in which we live. In other words: you can't blame fashion for the onesie. In fact, fashion holds you responsible.

Shopping on Christmas Eve

Burdines West Palm Michael Lisicky

When I was a child, there was nothing as fun as going shopping with my father for my mother's gift on Christmas Eve Day. Invariably, we'd end up at the handbag or fine jewellery counter at Burdine's ('the Florida store').


Suzannah Sweet Retro And Hudson Dresses

City Chic and Geeky Sweet

As the collections do the continental tours, London Fashion Week has given us a preview of what's in store for our spring / summer delight. We have the ones to watch, what’s hot (and maybe not), and our season favourites at a small boutique that could be near you…

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

In case you, too, have been distracted by excess volatility, then the timing of our Valentine's Gift List will be in sync with your Valentine's Day preparations. For husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, or your favourite lover of either sex, we've got you covered.

Shaken, Stirred and Styled

Let's face it: James Bond is a legend. Sleek style, immaculate manners, and undeniable charm. He gets more ladies than Hugh Hefner, drives more cars than Lewis Hamilton, and gets to play with more toys than the editor of Stuff magazine. Who wouldn’t want to be him?