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The Eye of the Beholder

Whats Normal Series: What Are You Looking At By Isil Arisoy

Here's the key to buying art: Buy what you love and want to live with. (And, of course, what you can afford.) One of the biggest names in art is making this even easier.

How Technology's Changing NY Fashion Week

I Love New York

Fashion, an industry known for being cutting edge in design has also decided to warm up to technology both to broaden its customer base and to boost apparel sales during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week..


Nice Day for a...Green Wedding

As wedding season is approaching, please allow us to drop in a few suggestions for making your day even greener. And no, we are not talking about the green of envy that will be on everyone's faces when they see how gorgeous you are...

Round Up & Win

Honestly, we're not sure how they do it. But that's OK, because they do it. They have a new competition what feels like weekly, and they all rock.

A City Girl's Wish List

Surely everyone who works in the City has a wish list. I’m not talking a bucket list like Jack Nicholson. (I’m leaving you anytime soon.) A wish list is what keeps the City types going through the early mornings and the late nights when the rest of the world is sleeping or having fun.