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Rick Edwards on fashion: sunglasses

Man In Sunglasses

As I write, there is a hint of sunshine outside, heralded as ever by British wags on Twitter saying funny things like: "What's that ball of fire in the sky? We're all going to die." And since this column is pretty optimistic, I'm going to take a chance and discuss sunglasses.


Beckham H&M

Beckham's Launch of the Year

So Beckham’s bearing all again, this time for his own debut collection of ‘Body-wear’ in partnership with High Street giant, H&M. In an ad, which premiered at half-time of the Chelsea and Man-U game on Saturday, the football star unveiled a vision of what has been 18 months in the making.

Owl Nightlight From White Rabbit England

Christmas for Kids

Shopping for the kids in your life can be even more gratifying than shopping for yourself. You just have to keep away from Hamley's. And when the items are as fabulous as these, you can be sure that everyone will come away happy. We suggest by age group, and suggest you get busy.

Banqueting Set

Collecting at Christie's

On July 4th, The Exceptional Sale auctioned off the Maharaja of Patiala’s banqueting service. This has set a world record price for an English dinner service sold at auction.

M&S Swim Suit

Yes, It's Possible to Look Great in Swimwear

The weather is hardly inspiring us to consider beach-weather. And granted, excess winter podge looks it’s absolute ghastliest in winter. But as this season’s swimwear hits the shops, your choices are at their best now. Wait until the warm weather actually hits and you’ll be left with a picked-over selection.


Let’s go to the beach: this summer’s swimwear trends

From deviant digital prints to gorgeous geometric cuts – the 2013 runway boasts beachwear that is more bold and out there than ever. It’s the time of year to grab your flip-flops and get your tan on. Here is a brief guide to the five hottest swimwear trends under the sun this summer.


Short Skirt Shop Window

Will Uganda really ban the miniskirt?

If a bill passed by the Ugandan parliament in December becomes law, women wearing miniskirts in public will face arrest – and some commentators believe this is just the start of a wholesale erosion of women's rights in the country