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Rick Edwards on fashion: sunglasses

Man In Sunglasses

As I write, there is a hint of sunshine outside, heralded as ever by British wags on Twitter saying funny things like: "What's that ball of fire in the sky? We're all going to die." And since this column is pretty optimistic, I'm going to take a chance and discuss sunglasses.


Dan Stevens

Downton Abbey Star Dan Stevens Tops GQ's Best-Dressed Poll

As Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens was always impeccably turned out. But his off-screen style is equally admirable, according to sartorial experts. The actor has been named Britain's best-dressed man, beating perennial favourite David Beckham, Bradley Wiggins and the Prince of Wales to come top of GQ magazine's annual list.

Credit Crunch Sparkle

Over drinks the other day, we got together and counted how many of our friends had been laid off in the past two years. A scary sixty percent. Then we looked at what they went on to do. One, in particular, stood out.

Lauren Laverne on Fashion: Fun in The Sun

I hope you're having a sparkling winter, truly I do. I pray that you're visibly delighted by the prospect of the freezing months ahead, skipping through the snow, pausing at your white-topped front gate to French a beautiful lady before dancing off into the three hours of natural light the day affords you, like Bill Murray at the end of 'Groundhog Day'.

Beauty: Serums

Three years ago, facial serums were about as sophisticated and spendy as beauty got. Nowadays, they've replaced toner as a more useful skincare basic (cleanser for clarity, serum for problem-solving, SPF moisturiser for comfort and protection – the rest is detail), and something you can pick up in the nappy and toothpaste aisle of Asda.

MMzS Lizard Tassel

Go Long or Go Home

The long necklace can be a tricky thing. On the right person, it can finish an outfit. On the wrong person, it can, well, totally finish an outfit.

Men: Buy This Now

Believe it or not, summer is on. Now, I love summer in the City as much as the next Global Warmer, but I've always preferred Autumn/Winter fashion when it comes to the sweaty Tube/air-conditioned office conundrum.


Short Skirt Shop Window

Will Uganda really ban the miniskirt?

If a bill passed by the Ugandan parliament in December becomes law, women wearing miniskirts in public will face arrest – and some commentators believe this is just the start of a wholesale erosion of women's rights in the country