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Glamorous Gatsby: Get the look

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Baz Luhrmann’s much anticipated movie The Great Gastby has revived the romanticism for the roaring twenties. This blockbuster was released about a month ago, and has received praise from critics and movie goers alike. If we can find the will power to tear our eyes away from Leonardo di Caprio long enough, we may notice the glamorous style captured by the film and the endless fashion possibilities. Here are a few tips on how to get that glitzy Gatsby look.

Is this the secret to the perfect-fitting bra?

Are you sitting comfortably? If not, is it because you are part of the estimated 80% of women who are suffering from that scourge of modern times, the ill-fitting bra? You are? Well, have I got potentially good news for you.

12 great years for fashion

Austrtalia Fashion Week Runway

It's just so weird that no one mentions the 1170s, isn't it? So thank goodness Dolce and Gabbana pointed out the brilliant Byzantine chicness of 1174 with its AW13 collection, which references the mosaics in the Catedral de Monreale in Sicily.

Let’s Get Active

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The sun is out. You’re reaching way way back in your wardrobe for all the summer clothes you haven’t seen for the last six icy months. You’re feeling joy, relief maybe, but there’s also a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that reminds you of 5-year-old pestering its mother for ice cream. It’s because you haven’t been to the gym in absolutely ages and the thought of stepping out in shorts is actually terrifying. There’s no avoiding it, you need to get active. But there’s a silver lining in the form of awesome work-out gear.


Lauren Laverne on Fashion: Fun in The Sun

I hope you're having a sparkling winter, truly I do. I pray that you're visibly delighted by the prospect of the freezing months ahead, skipping through the snow, pausing at your white-topped front gate to French a beautiful lady before dancing off into the three hours of natural light the day affords you, like Bill Murray at the end of 'Groundhog Day'.

Beauty: Serums

Three years ago, facial serums were about as sophisticated and spendy as beauty got. Nowadays, they've replaced toner as a more useful skincare basic (cleanser for clarity, serum for problem-solving, SPF moisturiser for comfort and protection – the rest is detail), and something you can pick up in the nappy and toothpaste aisle of Asda.

MMzS Lizard Tassel

Go Long or Go Home

The long necklace can be a tricky thing. On the right person, it can finish an outfit. On the wrong person, it can, well, totally finish an outfit.

Men: Buy This Now

Believe it or not, summer is on. Now, I love summer in the City as much as the next Global Warmer, but I've always preferred Autumn/Winter fashion when it comes to the sweaty Tube/air-conditioned office conundrum.